Premmie Gift Of Hope

Yasminah’s Gift Of Hope together with Lil' Aussie Prems are offering a message of guidance, support and understanding by providing a unique “Premmie Gift Of Hope Journal” for families currently in the neonatal intensive care unit throughout Australia.

Rebecca Aziz and Julia Tiovonen created the Premmie Gift Of Hope based on their own unique experiences in neonatal intensive care. Rebecca and Julia are Co-Vice Presidents of The National Premmie Foundation.

Working very closely together for 12 months these journals were created for parents to record their babies journey whilst they are on the roller-coaster ride after giving birth prematurely. Our journals are specifically designed to be placed inside the pocket of your child’s record book given to you at the hospital.

Included in the Premmie Gift Of Hope Journal is;
  • A5 size x 48 page full colour journal
  • Helpful articles relating to premature birth
  • Special page to record details of your child’s birth
  • Pages for hand and foot prints
  • Pages to add photos taken along your journey
  • Specifically designed Journal Pages to track your child's progress


Our Premmie Gift Of Hope Journals are donated to families currently in hospital with their babies. If you are a parent and would like one of our journals, please email with the following details.

To receive a journal your baby MUST be currently receiving treatment in an Australian hospital.

  • Name:
  • Parent/s Name:
  • Postal Address:
  • Baby’s Name:
  • Baby’s DOB:
  • Gestation Born:
  • Current Hospital:

You are also welcome to purchase a Premmie Gift Of Hope for your own little miracle as a unique keepsake via our online store. All journals purchased through us - 100% is donated towards the printing of further journals. Whilst you enjoy your keepsake, you will be supporting other premmie families!

We hope that our joint gift will become a treasured keepsake of the precious time their child spent in hospital. The families who receive the journals will be so touched knowing that their journal has been supported by amazing premmies who have been on the same journey and the special premmie angels who fought so hard.

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